ChromeBook and Android Clients

Accessing the E-Catalog from a Chromebook or Android powered device requires an RDP (remote desktop protocol) or VNC (virtual networking computing) client. Searching Google Play for RDP from your device returns several dozen app choices. Many of the choices are free or include a free trial period. Millwork Development has tested several apps that work with the E-Catalog. Following is a list of apps known to work with the E-Catalog and instructions on how to set the apps up to work with the E-Catalog.

ChromeBook Clients

Android Clients

Chrome RDP

Chrome RDP is an easy to use client. Chrome RDP allows for the saving of multiple computers, but requires you to re-enter your password each time. The client is free to try and a license can be purchase for around $10. Setting up the client:

Chrome RDP Chrome RDP


AccessToGo is a free RDP client. AccessToGo can save only one remote client, but does have an option for saving your password. The screen shows a feedback link, but otherwise the interface is clean and easy to use. Connection times were longer than experienced for Chrome RDP. Setting up the client:


AccessToGo Remote Desktop/RDP

AccessToGo is a free RDP client for android devices. Millwork Development has tested AccessToGo on an android tablet and android phone. The performance is good. AccessToGo offers a Blaze option (paid version), but that has not been tested. Setting up the client:

AccessToGo Android AccessToGo Android AccessToGo Android AccessToGo Android