Apple Clients

Accessing the E-catalog from an iPad or a Mac requires a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client. A search for 'VNC' in the App Store on your iPad or Mac will return a couple dozen applications designed for controlling a pc (or Mac) from your iPad or Mac. In order for the application to work with the E-Catalog it must include RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) capability. Many of the free or 'lite' versions do not include this capability. Millwork Development has tested several applications that work with the E-Catalog. Following is a list of applications known to work with E-Catalog and instructions on how to set up the application to work with E-Catalog.

iPad Clients

Mac Clients

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop client developed by microsoft. This RD client is easy to use and offers many useful tool that make using a touchscreen a little easier. To set up Microsoft Remote Desktop select the '+' and select 'desktop' and enter information as seen below in images.

Remoter VNC

Remoter VNC is a good VNC client. It lacks the precision cursor offered by PocketCloud Pro. Be aware that several in app purchases will be required to connect to the E-Catalog.


iRdesktop is a free VNC client. The connection page has adds to support the developer. The adds do not appear once the client is connected. The application is simple to setup and use, but lacks some of the features of the paid clients. Try this if you want to see how a remote connect might work.

iTeleport: VNC & RDP

iTeleport is a Mac RDP client. It allows for easy setup and use of the E-Catalog. In general, some usability issues exist, but only due to the differences in Microsoft and Apple keyboard layout that will be common to all Mac clients.

iTap mobile RDP

Another highly rated (but expensive) RDP client for Mac. I have not tried this app, but the reviews are generally favorable.